VIESA is a roof mounted cab cooler that delivers cool air to the truck’s cabin without running the truck’s engine. Cooling is generated by vaporized cool water delivered by a self-contained electrical motor. During operation it only consumes water and it makes no use of internal combustion engines, nor does it use chemical coolants or emit gases into the atmosphere. VIESA is totally ecological and provides the driver with a healthier rest and comfortable driving condition, increasing driver satisfaction and retention rates.

Air conditioning maintenance is a growing expense in all fleets; industry estimates put the cost of maintaining A/C units in $800 per truck per year. Because VIESA works with the engine stopped, it also decreases wear and tear on engine parts. VIESA works on sleeper-equipped tractors, dump trucks as well as on other daycab vehicles and only takes afew hours to install.

The VIESA ecological cooler has few components and is virtually maintenance free. It incorporates a number of features that guarantee friendly operation and non-interference with other truck’s systems: automatic shut-off on low battery; polarity and surge protection and an eight-speed turbo fan that automatically adjusts to outside temperature. VIESA’s attractive design include a streamlined, low-profile exterior; interior upholstery cover with matching colours and a multi-language LCD display with remote control with full functionality for driver convenience.